Digitalcut Delivers.

We know how difficult it is to be engaging year after year to your customers and in-house audience, they have seen it all before!

We have a reputation for providing affordable top quality informative videos incorporating cutting edge graphics, well filmed interviews and pieces to camera. We promise a quick turnaround on jobs, from script to final uploaded web video, which allows your message to be available to a world wide audience in a very short time.

We will help you plan your production and include you in the process. Afterall, only you know what you need to convey your message clearly and in a concise way. We will help you to script write, storyboard and if you want to appear in your productions!

A lot of companies you find on Google are anonymous, we are not just an email address or mobile number, we own our premises in Exeter and all our kit. We have four of the latest 4K cameras on the market along with a multitude of lenses, pro audio and LED lights. We can film with green screen chromakey technology and have our own portable Autocue prompter, a motorised crane… indeed all the kit needed to make your video a success!