Educational Videos

We have produced over 100 videos for the University of Exeter over the last four years. Often on a tight budget, these videos are informative, engaging and packed with content.

The University carried out extensive research into retention rates of viewers of the previous videos and found that viewers stopped watching at a certain place in each video. Our brief was to engage the viewer and to get them to watch to the end of the video. The results were remarkable, we upped the retention rate by 10% on a replacement video for Liberal Arts!

In other videos we isolated sections of the video where people were switching off, changed the content and found far more were watching to the end of the video.

Of course, most people can produce a video these days, just about everyone has a multimedia device capable of producing HD video in their pockets. But we found from research that it’s about video content and quality. Viewers now expect the same HD quality of vision and video production as they see on TV and satellite channels, plus the content and presentation has to be engaging for them to get the information needed from the video.

We often find a mixture of animated graphics and HD video solves this problem of retention. Animation can show difficult to visualise concepts in a way that is understandable and often quirky enough to stand out in the mind of a viewer after they have finished watching. The Uni work has improved click throughs greatly and in talking to the actual students on courses we have direct evidence that our videos made them decide to choose Exeter over other universities. Have a look at our portfolio page here for examples of the University of Exeter videos.

A selection of our education videos: